Vale the Digital Agency

I’ve been reading a lot of trite about the traditional Above the Line Agency hearing an increasingly louder death knell, and the new modern amazing Digital Agency is here to save the day. Cause they get it. That in a few years it will be Digital Agencies running the land, free to roam and solve huge business problems.

The thing is that the less than humble digital agency has just as much to worry about.

While digital is most certainly changing the way that businesses conduct advertising and allocate spend, it’s still very new. It’s also far less refined and confirmed.

What it has brought us however is data, and the data to make scientific decisions about who and what we market to.

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Core Hours

Ian from AnalogFolk talks about 'Core Hours' as a productivity means, improving developer output and quality of work.

Core Hours

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The perils of outsourcing

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of articles on the risks, and even the benefits of outsourcing to offshore companies.

The reality is that offshore development can be a valuable way of getting work done, and the output produced can be as good as an internal team.

The risks though are inherently high with the biggest being the communication breakdown and loss of urgency that comes with the disjointed offices.

This is the case for both English as a first, and English as a second language offices. I have experienced the effect that time-lag has on two offices and the 'us and them' mentality in a number of positions. It's almost unavoidable.

Where reputation is concerned the risk is far too great, especially when claiming to be a full service agency, though that's an entirely different discussion.

I recently consulted on a mess created by a company outsourcing work to Vietnam and not completely understanding how it should be handled.

In this particular case the client was educated enough that when the project commenced an immediate flurry of activity from Vietnam visible in Google Analytics seemed an unlikely coincidence.

A few days later they were asked a series of confusing questions via Olark about their shipping rules, and the various attributes of their products. These questions also came from someone in Vietnam.

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Better get a mentor son, better get a real good one

Over the last few years of my career I've been both mentored on and mentor for the various aspects of working within a business as an owner, employee, or client. This mentoring/mentorship covered acquisition of new business, the production of work, engagement of employees, and more.

It is a rewarding experience for me as a mentor, and an invaluable experience to be mentored. I meet monthly with multiple mentors who help me with different aspects of my day to day career (and life) in ways that I would otherwise have to learn myself far less efficiently.

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