In memory of Yvonne

Yvonne Angelina Lee Yvonne Angelina Lee, 1985—2016.

While writing this, I titled the document ‘Notes on Yvonne’ because how could I write anything other than notes about a woman so incredible? How could I summarise 30 years of someone’s life in anything other than jotting down memories, and thoughts of this most amazing individual?

It seems so unfair to write like this. How can we write such poetry and prose for a friend so young? How overwhelming, that we should need to talk in this way, and to grieve like this. I felt so sad, and so heartbroken that it was as if I was drunk, and it was horrific.

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Go on, just live

Go on, just live

I had tea with a friend recently, and our conversation quickly turned to living well with little expense. We found this somewhat humorous as we’re both living comfortably, and earning pretty good incomes for our age. Especially in comparisson to our peers.

We jokingly talked about it being a sign of age that we want to live as cheaply as possible, and as minimally as possible the older we get and the more we earn.

I recently moved to Melbourne, and with nothing more than a mattress took occupation of an apartment. While planning on furnishing it, and considering all of the possibilities, I landed firmly on a bit of a minimalist approach.

Surprising even myself, it was easy. I’ve survived a number of months without much stuff at all. The walls haven’t caved in, my happiness hasn’t changed for the worse, and I’ve lived quite comfortably.

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Beyond ‘kind of like milk’ experiences

The experience of decisions—and the act of making decisions—is a costly exercise for our brains. Mark Zuckerberg chooses to wear the same outfit each day, as did Steve Jobs, so that they are able to save as much cognitive energy for important decisions as they can.

There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that decisions as simple as what to wear takes a huge toll on our overall ability to make decisions throughout the day. Each decision we make—regardless of it’s importance—requires energy, of which we have a finite amount.

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Sorry, it's just a sauce bottle

Just give me the damned sauce

Improved usefulness of sauce bottles is a result of technological advancements; not the wonderful process of human-centric design. Claiming it is a tremendous feat for User Experience is a dramatic misunderstanding of both User Interface and User Experience; and ultimately that they aren't both aspects of the same process.

Why then if no one seemed to mind how sauce was delivered—at a speed of 0.028mph from the glass bottle—is there all this hoopla about the modern sauce bottle being a great example of User Experience?

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