A leader in design and strategy

I am a values-led, strategic design leader

My style is visionary, inclusive, and brimming with positivity. My passion for action is contagious and I’m famous for getting a lot done.

My unique combination of strengths across design, product, and strategy results in a natural ability to traverse vision to value, setting up teams for success, and delivering highly impactful outcomes.

I have the courage for progress and make decisions from a sound basis of knowledge, data, and confidence. I take responsibility and lead with humility, vulnerability, and playfulness.

The salesforce logo which is a white square featuring a cloud in blue and the Salesforce wordmark on the cloud

I am currently Director, Experience Design at Salesforce where I am lucky enough to work on the most ambitious, experience-led transformations the world over.

The DO logo which is a dark blue square with Indigenous pathway designs in the background and white DO in the foreground

I am the founder of a Design Outlook, a design conference that's loved by designers from hundreds of companies

The logo for frog which is a purple suqare that is washed with other shaeds of purple to give a watery effect and the small frog emblem in white

I was Head of Design for frog, part of Capgemini Invent for Australia and New Zealand

the logo for Deloite, which is a black square with a white capital D and green period

I was an Experience Design Director at Deloitte where I led the experience design for tens of thousands of our client's employees

the logo for Autodesk, which is a black square with a white stylised A

I was Senior Manager, Experience Design at Autodesk where I helped shape the future of automotive experiences

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